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If you’re visiting the Tate Modern art gallery with its fantastic selection of contemporary art, why not combine the trip with visiting plenty of London’s other exciting sights?

-Big Ben

-Houses of Parliament

-London Eye

-Trafalgar Square

-National Gallery

-Hampton Court

-London Dungeon

-Tower of London

For those of you brave enough, there are plenty of ghost tours in town. London ghost tours and phantom walks are a key part of the tourist industry in the capital. With tours possible around many of the city’s most creepiest haunted locations, day and night, it is the most haunted city in the UK.

The best way to explore the capital’s haunted history is with one of London’s many ghost tours. The walks themselves are possible all over London and oddly at regular time intervals. For a truly scary ghost tour go by evening, if you dare!

One the more famous spectres of London include those of Jack the Ripper and his poor victims. Nearly all of the popular ghost walks chart Jack the Ripper's homicidal route through London and visit the points of his most heinous acts.

The Tower of London, first built by William the Conqueror and dating back to the 1000s, is also famed for its supernatural sightings. Just like many of London's other spirits, these apparitions are nearly always relayed by their eye witnesses as wearing clothes from a bygone era.


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This is not the official page for the Tate Modern, nor is it affiliated with the gallery. This web page is a fan site for the Tate Modern gallery on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. For many decades, this fascinating gallery has exhibited a range of exciting and often controversial art works from across the UK.

If you wish to stay in London there are plenty of hotels. The St James's Club has been a key part of London's trendy society since the 19th Century. It is the capital’s only five star Residential Club originally founded in 1857 at 54 St James’s Street, now located on 7-8 Park Place in a gorgeous West End house. The St James’s Club works in the style of a luxury boutique hotel providing highly personalised service at very competitive rates and is a Fine Hotels and Resorts building. Full concierge service and 24-hour butler service. The very best wireless broadband system.

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